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“Body-friendly daily lunch” centered on brown rice and vegetables

Using 20 kinds of carefully selected vegetables, they are handmade daily with local production for local consumption, local Fuji, and seasonal ingredients.

“Balanced recipes” and “sticky recipes!”

Vegetables are made using fresh vegetables from the neighborhood, taking into account the balance between yin and yang, and making recipes that combine leafy vegetables and root vegetables.

The daily vegetable salad has a simple flavor seasoned with rock salt, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Boiled food is basically seasoned with soup, mirin, sake, cane sugar, and soy sauce.

In addition, the stir-fry is seasoned based on olive oil, rock salt, black pepper and cane sugar. The fried food is fried in 100% olive oil.

For those who can eat every day, we make every effort to make the limited ingredients change and to keep them tired of flavor.

I intend to be a housewife, and assemble menus to cook while thinking about my family’s health. Also, customers have various preferences, so we try to avoid biased ones as much as possible.

In today’s cuisine, the mainstream is how to save time, but at FUKKO Hamamatsu, cooking takes a lot of effort as if going backwards. Preparation of boiled food and how to add the flavor to loosen with “Yin” and tighten with “Yang”, and stir-fry are cooked so that the taste is permeated by taking one extra step so as not to spoil the texture.

For the basics of seasoning, we make every effort to maintain physical condition. I try to sleep and eat as regularly as possible, so I can spend my days without sickening.

Every day, we introduce the voices of customers who are eating our lunch.

I don’t really pay attention to my diet, but since I started eating FUKOKO Hamamatsu bento every day, I lost a little weight and became less likely to catch a cold. We appreciate.

I like the fact that the seasoning is just right and the aftertaste doesn’t fall so I won’t lean on my stomach. In addition, I have recently realized that as soon as I eat fried foods from other stores, my heartburn has started to make it difficult to accept foods that are not good for my body.

My husband and I have been taking care of lunch for four years. I really like the well-balanced and seasoned flavor that I eat every day. Thanks to you, I almost never catch a cold and I have never had the flu. We want you to support us forever as an indispensable dish to spend an active day every day.

I want to use brown rice as a staple food, but I could not cook well at home and my family gave up because I could only eat white rice, but I am enjoying brown rice life with Mr. FUKKO Hamamatsu’s lunch. One meal a day, but I feel a change in my body. It improves your bowel movements, eliminates stomach leaning and allows you to spend cleaner days.

Fukko’s lunch is delicious! There are a lot of ingredients, and the flavor of each ingredient is soft and warm.

I am 42 years old, but I eat quite a bit. But Fukko’s lunch is like rice, but it’s so big that it fills up without adding anything. So it would be hard to eat eight dumplings with a bento.

In addition, there is no heartburn after eating even if you eat a bento many times. I think it feels like that because it uses good ingredients for the body.

I’m health-conscious anyway, so if I have a fucco store nearby, I can eat it every day.

Also, I think there is a lot of volume and the current price is too cheap. It is cheap enough to think that management is okay. I’m happy to buy.

Also, I’m glad I can eat brown rice instead of white rice. After removing nutrients, it becomes white rice, so if you think about the body, it’s brown rice!

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