Until the birth of a vegetarian dumpling | Development secrets

Vegetarian dumplings were born this way

The catalyst for developing vegetarian dumplings came from an acquaintance’s statement, “I don’t sell vegetable-only dumplings.”

Certainly, even though it was called vegetable dumplings, most of them contained meat, and there were no 100% vegetable dumplings.

When I started living without eating the meat of four-legged animals almost 10 years ago, I missed it and started with a light glue to make a little bit, but it was possible to get closer to the taste of dumplings than I thought It was difficult and quite long.

The biggest challenge was fat.

As a substitute for meat, the texture of meat was solved by using soybean meat, which has been attracting attention recently, but it was finished as a pasasa, and the juicy of the real thrill of dumplings was not felt at all, and it was a bad taste product It has become.

I decided to add fat from that failure, but it was hard from here.

Absolute condition is a vegetable oil and fat that does not greatly affect taste!

First I tried using sesame paste in various amounts and tried it, and if I put in the paste until I felt fat, the scent of sesame became strong, the overall balance collapsed and it was far from general gyoza It became a thing and abandoned.

The next time I wondered if there was something, I suddenly came across the word forest butter, thought that avocado might work, and immediately tried it out.

However, there is a drawback that the taste is slightly wider because the ripeness of the avocado affects the finish.

However, there were many good points when we examined nutrients and efficacy well, and it was an indispensable material.

Blood smooth…Avocado, which contains a lipid called β-cistrol, has been confirmed to have the effect of suppressing cholesterol absorption itself. In addition, since it is a non-cholesterol unsaturated fatty acid, it does not become subcutaneous fat and lowers the bad cholesterol level in the blood.

Intestinal action…One avocado contains dietary fiber equivalent to one burdock, so there is an element that can improve the function of the intestine and obtain a diet beauty effect.

Grow and protect cells…Folic acid is essential not only for making cells, but also for synthesizing DNA that promotes cell growth. It is considered very important especially for women in early pregnancy and is called a female vitamin. An adult’s daily intake of folic acid of 200μg (but 400μg for pregnant women) can be almost supplemented with one avocado.

Decrease in body fat percentage…It is an ideal diet food that is rich in vitamin B2 that decomposes fat, combined with the above-mentioned blood smoothing effect and comprehensive action of intestinal action β-sitosterol, and is excellent in recovery from fatigue and can easily reduce body fat.

Smooth skin…Avocado contains linoleic acid and linolenic acid (formerly known as Vitamin F), and a half of avocado is about 100g, which is enough to take enough daily amount of ceramide to protect your skin from drying out. Make and smooth your skin.

It also contains abundant vitamin B2 and vitamin B3 (niacin) to maintain skin health and contributes to beautiful skin.

Protect the liver…Avocado is rich in glutathione, an antioxidant that works particularly on the liver, and promotes the detoxification of harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine by drinking and smoking. In addition, it removes active oxygen that damages the liver, preventing liver function from deteriorating.

It contains a large amount of oleic acid, which prevents arteriosclerosis, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and folate has been confirmed to suppress the increase in homocysteine (one of the causes of arteriosclerosis).

Also, the abundant potassium discharges excess sodium from the body, which helps prevent high blood pressure.

Cancer prevention effect…It is said to be rich in vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, and is effective in preventing cancer. It is also reported that avocado has the second highest ability to induce detoxified oxygen such as glutathione after papaya.

In addition, avocado contains a large amount of rutin and carotenoids, which are called fight chemicals, which have strong anticancer effects. Foods with high anticancer properties can be said to contain these various components.

Until vegetarian dumplings are made

I think gyoza is a dish that usually takes time.

If you don’t use minced cabbage or Chinese cabbage, or use minced meat, you’ll need to chop the meat of your choice to the size you want and grate garlic and ginger with a grater.

Those who stick are making their own skins.

The process up to this point also takes time, but if you include even more wrapping work, it seems that you will not be able to take it unless you have enough time.

In the first place, it is thought that the starting point of the dumplings is to chop the remaining ingredients and wrap them in skin.

I think Chinese food is because there is no thing to throw away.

I think it’s the wisdom of chopping pieces of meat, use of vegetables and cores, making seeds with seasonings, wrapping them in skin and tailoring them into one product.

That’s amazing. Thing that you throw away is revived as a product.

A long time ago, one of the events reported in the news reported that a Chinese restaurant was forced to close by an employee leak.

The content was that the dumplings were made from garbage.

The rumor spread that the contents of the dumplings, which had a reputation for being delicious, were garbage, spread quickly, and were blamed by the customers who went through and were forced into a situation where they could not continue the shop, but the rumor was said. Before everyone heard it, everyone said it was delicious, but they squeezed into the store in protest to flip their hands, so people are really sloppy.

The reason why it was delicious is that it uses a part close to the root, a part of the core, and a part with a strong taste.

The area close to the skin is rich in nutrients, and the aroma and texture are firm, so I think that a little seasoning can bring out good taste.

The meat is probably mixed with various parts, so it seems that the taste was rich.

I think it was really delicious gyoza.

I guess it just seemed to employees that it was just garbage that material was thrown away.

I think it was a disappointing event, perhaps a difference in values.

Even more disappointing are the customers who said they were delicious.

It is an act accused of being influenced by gossip without believing in one’s taste.

It is mysterious where I judge my tastes.

However, not only Vegian gyoza but also the current gyoza is made by selecting the ingredients and is far from the original one.

This is also the trend of the times, and I think it is a world that expresses the tastes of the creators.

FUKKO’s vegetarian dumplings (vezian dumplings) are something I can say on my own, but I think it takes too much time.

First, garlic and ginger are carefully grated with grated gold, and then combined with soy sauce to make a sauce, and the returned soy meat is sautéed in the sauce and prepared.

Yam is finely chopped to serve as a bridge.

Hasune has a crunchy texture, so it should be slightly chopped.

Mix these with soy sauce and sesame oil, soaked in the soybean meat, and mix well.

Next, finely grind the raw seaweed in a mortar, add avocado to it, and mix it further.

Because this avocado is quite a singer, the ripeness is greatly related to the result.

If you are young, it will not smell cleanly, leaving a rough texture that can not be said, and if it is too ripe it will be sloppy and watery.

It is very difficult to distinguish from the skin, but I purchase it while touching it softly and asking with my fingertips.

Finally, chop the cabbage and leeks and combine them to complete.

Off-the-shelf ginger garlic is avoided because it smells medicinal.

We use raw nori from Lake Hamana near Hamamatsu City.

The flavor is very good and I think it has helped to eliminate the avocado odor.

As a result of trying various kinds of seaweed, raw seaweed was the best compatible.

There is an excellent product called laver powder, but it seems that raw laver that has been carefully mortared has a subtle effect on the finished product.

We strive to do the best for all materials.

I am confident that the impact of this on the product will be immense.

Rice flour skin is difficult to handle, and there were quite a few failed crops at the beginning, but recently we got the hang of it and managed to lose the loss.

When orders increase and people get help, I think that the latest attention must be paid to hand selection as the thought shifts to the product.

On the contrary, I’m wondering if a machine is better because it doesn’t make sense.

Vegian gyoza is rarely a product that allows the people who are eaten to feel happy, and I hope that we can continue to make it with the hope that it will help us to lead a rich life.

FUKKO Hamamatsu