F Future 未来への
U Unchanging 変わらぬ
K Kind 優しさの
K Keypoint 鍵は
O Ordinary 毎日の暮らしの中にある…

FUKKO’s commitment Part 1

For a healthy life

There are a few things you need to live a healthy life, but it’s very important to prepare your meals first.

It’s amazing how much you eat every day affects your body and our mind.

We have considered and practiced foods that have a positive effect on body and mind.

Each food has its own yin and yang properties, and the combination is important.

Putting a balanced diet at the center of your life is fundamental to a healthy life.

At FUKKO, we value seasonal ingredients and seasonal ingredients and cook the most delicious foods at that time.

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FUKKO’s commitment 2

More beautiful from inside the body

What makes beautiful skin?

It looks like a detour, but food and surprisingly intestinal condition are very important for the skin.

To clean the skin, it is necessary to activate the cells that make up the skin.

It is important to clean the intestines to properly absorb the nutrients.

But the intestine is not visible from the outside. Therefore, not many people care about the intestines.

First, try to eat foods high in fiber. This alone makes the intestine much more beautiful and restores its original function.

And there are some things you need to be careful about when consuming oil.

Fats that are difficult to dissolve at body temperature interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

Avoid such fats and oils if possible, and try to eat a diet that consumes oil that is soluble in the body.

If you continue such a diet, the cells will gradually be reborn beautifully.

The Vegian dumplings and lunch boxes made by FUKKO are made with such things in mind.

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FUKKO’s commitment 3

Keep in mind local Hamamatsu ingredients

In the past, our ancestors ate what they caught in the area around them, as there is no distribution system like today.

The seaside was the seaside, and the mountains were the mountains.

In Japan, ancestral wisdom has created a variety of food preservation methods and traditional eating combinations over the long history.

These are not just customs, they are actually useful information that includes empirical wisdom and is useful to us today.

We humans are also part of nature.

I would like to be grateful for what can be harvested in the area, and to keep a careful life.

FUKKO uses local ingredients from Hamamatsu to cook.

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